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Our History

In July 2015, Infinity Technology Services Limited 無際科技服務有限公司 was at the prototype stage in successfully transmitting data using light waves, a technology that allowed data to flow far faster than the conventional radio wave method. The applications for this technology were vast and the potential advancements that the company anticipated needed to be explored.

Following a breakthrough in January 2016, Infinity Technology Services Limited 無際科技服務有限公司 received a capital injection of $30 million USD that was applied to its research and development program to expand its technology. The funding came from institutions, hedge funds and private venture capitalists.

The Chief Executive Officer Mr. Chang Huang with the support of his dynamic team has guided Infinity Technology Services Limited 無際科技服務有限公司since its inception to developing the technology for commercial use in multiple sectors.


Future Developments

Focusing only in the Asia-Pacific region, since December 2016 the company began to develop partnerships with various businesses and organizations including hospitals, universities and government departments to provide their services and solutions.

Infinity Technology Services Limited 無際科技服務有限公司 is aiming to broaden its market and will be targeting the United States in the 2nd quarter of 2020. Their U.S. headquarters are currently being finalized with California looking to be the front-runner.

Our website is updated on a regular basis but should you have any questions or would like to receive more information regarding Infinity Technology Services Limited 無際科技服務有限公司 you may contact:

Mr. Frank Zhu,
Head of Investor Relations,
Infinity Technology Services Limited

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Investor Relations