Next Generation of
True Wireless Networks

Infinity Technology Services Limited is a Hong Kong start up company since 2015. We are providing breakthrough technology by which data is sent through light as opposed to wireless transmission.

Infinity Technology sees a future in which we can all be connected via light waves. Not only are we pioneering the conventional method of data transmission, we are using this relatively new technology in ways that far exceed the WiFi standard.

Infinity Technology knows that a time will come in the not too distant future where the world will be in a position of shortage in unused frequencies, which will cause many problems most people are not aware of.

LiFi signals can be secured within a physical space as light cannot travel through walls.
No Interference
LiFi signals can be measured by the illumination, which translates into less interference.
Data Density
LiFi uses data density which offers users a greater experience while reducing the need to share a bandwidth with others.


Location Services
LiFi systems are fully networked light, each LED bulb has a unique IP address which means advanced geofencing.
With LiFi it can allow light communications as it uses the same connectivity.
Smart Lighting
Any source of lighting wether private or public lighting can be transformed to provide LiFi hotspots.
Standard Wifi
per second
Networks are less secure
Vulnerable to hacking
Slow speeds
Harmful Radiation
Standard Lifi
per second
Faster transfer speed
Uses light as a carrier
Point to Point technology
Extremely safe network
Infinity Lifi X
per second
Ultra Fast Speeds
Hundreds of Tera Hz
Light Spectrum Range
Ultra Safe Network
LiFi in the Hospital
Deliver perfectly safe Internet
straight to your patients’ beds
without radio frequency waves.
LiFi for Businesses
Transmission speeds up to
150 Gbps even in busiest offices
with security of data transmission.
LiFi for Government
Ultimate solutions for government
offices where it brings much needed
security and fast data transmission.
光已成为我们业务的基本要求, 我们正在不断扩展我们的网络,到目前为止,结果代表着自己.

Lifi has now become a fundamental requirement in our business. We are continuing to expand our networks and so far the results speak for themselves.

快速,安全,专业的公司随时待命. 非常激动人心的技术时代.

Fast speeds, secure and a professional company that is always on call.
Very exciting times for technology.

我们对公司和产品非常满意. 该团队一直非常支持我们的员工和产品示范. 它确实是下一代.

We are extremely satisfied with the company and their products. The team has been very supportive giving demonstrations to our staff and for the product, it truly is next generation.